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Collective Intelligence

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A journey of collaboration across people and regions, combining human talent, creativity and computing.

Meet Rodrigo: Facilitator of exchange and collaboration


As part of a class on AI in the context of collective intelligence that I took at MIT, I developed a roadmap outlining how we can best collaborate and adapt to an evolving geopolitical, cultural, and technological landscape.

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Areas of expertise

  • AI

    Strategic use of Ai

    Gain operational efficiencies for organizational transformation through human-computing collaboration, including the use machine learning and NLP.

  • knight


    Product design, strategy and marketing. Creative direction and strategy for digital omni-channel and OOH.

  • camera


    Understanding people is key to understanding business. I analyse the cultural factors that shape and determine our society’s behavious and evolution.

  • entity


    Roadmap for organizational transformation. Global team supervision, mentoring and nurturing talent.